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Why I Still Play the Final Fantasy Game?

To me it doesn't feel very "Final Fantasy"-ish, but it took me a while to really narrow down why. It certainly has a story, characters, and basic game framework that fit perfectly into the franchise. Yet it all seems kind of half developed, lacking the polish and detail that I would expect from a Final Fantasy game.


Most of the sidequests lack any sort of explanation. In any other FF title, even the most trivial of fetch quests has its own story, with the NPC explaining their problem and why they need your help. In XV there are a lot where you go up to the character, press a button on the interface confirming you'll give them a potion or whatever, and then they thank you and it's over. Yet that generic thank you at the end is the only character interaction throughout the quest. To be a FF sidequest, we should be hearing all about what happened to them, but that part's missing entirely.


Why I Still Play the Final Fantasy Game?


Even on the few sidequests that do have the NPC at least talk to us, it's often missing rather key details, like what it is they want. For instance, Takka will ask if you could get something for him, but without ever actually saying what it is that he wants you to get. Then half the time, even after accepting the quest and going into the menu interface, the quest description there will still refer to it generically as just "the requested ingredient" or "the meat Takka needs" or something of the sort. Only after you've talked to the NPC, accepted the quest, gone into the menu, selected it as your current active quest, and then exited out of the menu again, can you finally see on the HUD's quest information window what it is that you've been asked for. The dialog and quest descriptions both sound like interim placeholder text put there before the developers decided what the quest would be.


The game has hunts, which have become an FF staple in recent games, but in most games, we're told why we're hunting whatever it is. In XV a hunt is nothing more than the name of a mob and whether they appear during the nighttime or daytime. The fishing sidequest has a log of what fish we've caught, but unlike XIV, where the fishing log includes a whole paragraph of information about each fish in the game, XV just has its name, a lure to use, and what item we can get from it. The same goes for Ignis's recipe book. There's no description of any of the meals, just an ingredient list and effects list. There's no bestiary giving lore tidbits about each mob we've encountered. And so on. Of course, any of these would be forgivable on it's own, were it not such a consistent pattern. But the sum total of having every feature be so bare-boned is that the game is decidedly lacking on any sort of background information about the world we're questing in. There seems to be no lore to XV except for the main story itself. And that's decidedly non-"Final Fantasy"-ish.


So the end result is a game that has the basic framework of a Final Fantasy game, but all of it left unfinished.

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