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What caused Final Fantasy XIV to pick itself back up and become a huge success?

Dragging a quote from Moose over this way, since I think it's high time for a lively discussion of high-fantasy metaphysics.


I suspected something a little different, and still do, though the "World of Darkness" arc having little in the way to do with much of anything on the table has, perhaps, weakened this position somewhat. I imagine that Hydaelyn is the world of "light" split off from some original dualistic world by some being/beings (the Twelve?) powerful enough to alter reality itself to suit their ideals, and that what they left behind was the world of "dark." Perhaps the "void" the Allagans called the "World of Darkness" is, in fact, the space between these two worlds.


We know that some of the Ascians are of "our" world, but that in turn can be taken to mean that some aren't. There may be another world out there, not unlike our own, that exists as a separate "layer" with the same surface area, but different geography. Is that world Zodiark? Is it dying and/or dead? Is recombination with Hydaelyn the way for that world, or both worlds, to be saved? "Rejoining" two geographically distinct worlds will, of course, have "calamitous" repercussions in the short term, but is perhaps necessary for both of them, for reasons known at least to Eldibus (and now Urianger, perhaps). It may be that the alterations to the landscape after each Calamity are, in truth, pieces of that other world being merged onto our own.


I wonder if it was really Ultima used on the Isle of Val, and not simply a large-scale X-Zone-type spell. ("Banish" appears to be a fluid-like damage spell in XIV, so I'll use the old name for the classic "send object elsewhere without passing 'Go' and collecting $200.") Perhaps having the Students turn out to be alive on that "other" world would be too "easy" a direction to go with that storyline, but our current perspective is rather appallingly limited.


The necessity of light and darkness staying in balance for the world to survive would also be almost too easy a punchline, but we already had hints towards a sort of "flood of light" in the years leading up to the Fourth Umbral Era (rather, one hint I desperately and irrationally cling to), and another resulting from the overuse of White and Black Magic. If the Ascians were involved in all of the Calamities, they may have some greater reason to keep the light from shining too brightly. I wonder sometimes if we have it all backwards, and the light is, or at least was, winning overwhelmingly and moving towards decisive victory in a field of battle we still lack the viewpoint to see.


But we lack so much information that none of us can really guess correctly, so I'm also curious what the other folks around here can come up with.


Zodiark, then, I would imagine is much the same. Except dead. The Ascians are attempting to sacrifice our planet to have theirs reborn. Whatever insane scenario lead to the death of Zodiark gave birth to Hydaelyn (or perhaps something else which eventually gave birth to Hydaelyn), however a fraction of their world was saved, hence the Rejoining; The Aether which makes up Hydaelyn was originally Zodiark. To restore their world is to rejoin it with "his" Aether.


Ready for this to get crazy? I'm certainly tired enough for a little crazy; Zodiark is Final Fantasy XII, or close enough. All the Ivalice connections with the Ascians a result of that. The original Final Fantasy gave us a never ending cycle to break. When we defeated Chaos, that world was free of Garlands' cycle and free to advance into the future. That future lead to that worlds death, but the birth of Final Fantasy IIs world. The "aether" which made up Final Fantasy was recycled to create Final Fantasy II, and so on for every "main" game in the franchise. Each game has no direct link, but they're all part of the same canon. Final Fantasy XIIs world eventually died, it's "aether" then going on to create Final Fantasy XIII, but something of Final Fantasy XII left this cycle, surviving outside it. Final Fantasy XIII suffered as a result, as it received less "aether" than the previous titles. Final Fantasy XIV also suffered due to this, hence its initial release. What caused Final Fantasy XIV to pick itself back up and become a huge success? Oh right, the Ascians Rejoining attempt. Long lost "aether" attempting to be rejoined to the main franchise... Are the Ascians evil? Not at all. They're the key Final Fantasy element many had complained has been missing from the franchise in recent years. Ironic, given their Final Fantasy XII connections. Obviously we shouldn't let them recreate Final Fantasy XII (Oh hell no, we should totally be letting them make a Final Fantasy XII HD rerelease!), but we should certainly try to get that "aether" back! Currently Hydaelyn is losing the battle and weakening as the Ascians look set to succeed at using Hydaelyn to rebuild Zodiark, through the course of Final Fantasy XIV Gil I imagine we'll be gradually turning the tables on them and instead having Hydaelyn absorb Zodiark to make the franchise whole again, so the next world can be a success when this one eventually dies.

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