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The queues in Final Fantasy XIV PVP are terrible indeed

Well, the queues in Final Fantasy XIV PVP are terrible indeed, There's a simple, very simple thing that'd avoid this:




It is like, if there's 18 people in flames, 103 in Snakes, 204 in MAelstrong, nobody of them will queue in a hour because it is trying to make a 72p match, and it's lacking of 6 people in flames (Extreme and unrealistic case without true stats of the server, but I think it serves the purpose for illustrating us? )


If all those Final Fantasy XIV players would just join to three random teams, queues would be not faster, no... ALMOST INSTANT!....PErhaps not so much like that but, 5 minutes for sure....


I mean, if you're a PvPer, you know it, most of people you see in Final Fantasy XIV PvP are always the same ones all over, the loyal ones who calmly and patiently await even one hour if needed just for the sake of enjoying 10 minutes of battle, and while waiting, geez... Showup in Mordhona or crafting...


Imagine if, people is still doing and trying hard PVP despite the queue... Imagine if no GC limitation-restriction... Or any other method given...


Too bad they seem to give priority to the lore in this matter.


I fear that in Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward, nobody will be willing to wait one hour for entering PvP since too many things to do, chocobo to summon and dungeons to go, etc... So PVP will be basically... DEAD until alexander savage and new Frontlines map comes.


Oh, but whatever, this is not the thread for it, hehe... Indeed a FC match could need of some preparation and so... But, can be really festival-interesting event to do between FC.... As it is right now, Final Fantasy XIV FC are.. Uhm, how to say it... Cold? Insipid?


Even still, remove the GC Restriction is the most obvious of solutions, and it's kinda amusing that SE's never done it. Hopefully with the introduction of 3.1 they'll abolish it, but they've been pretty adamant in their stance regarding this one since day 1.


I still stand by that the slow Final Fantasy XIV PVP que times are a symptom of the poor netcode in PVP. Melee's won't want to que for PVP because half their skills become unusable in half the scenarios (so take out Melee Final Fantasy XIV DPS and tanks) because they have to chase people to playing Benny Hill music and even though the skill is -attempting- to activate, it deosn't complete because the game can't figureo ut if they're in range or not.


To alleviate this, they could increase the range of melee attacks by a small distance, enough to compensate for the 2-3 second delay, during Final Fantasy XIV PVP.


However, I stand by my statement - focus on fixing pvp before trying to add new bells and whistles to it. Having all the awesome maps in the world won't matter if your PVP is an unenjoyable, mess of a game.

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