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The Amazing Underwater Residential in FFXIV 4.0

With the introduction of swimming and diving in the 2016 Tokyo Fanfest, not too long ago, it kind of got me thinking about what the development team could bring to the table that would be avante garde and exactly what the game would need to excite the player base.


The first thing I thought of when I heard about swimming and diving was Atlantis. The idea was really exciting to me thinking about being able to explore a city based at the bottom of a lake and or an ocean. They already mentioned that we would be able to interact with NPCs which meant that we would at the very least encounter little camps of people, but then the idea popped in my head: An Underwater Residence! 


Although this is a bit of a logical leap, Yoshi-P kept insisting that he could not talk about the new residential areas because of how integral it was to the main scenario and that it would cause spoilers. I couldn't really think of why a residential area would be a spoiler to the main scenario, especially if we took refuge in Ishgard. Living within Ala Mhigo also seemed highly unlikely because of the fact that it was under the control of the Garleans and if we did eventually take residence there, they couldn't introduce it until after the Garlean threat was vanquished which meant it would be a residence area that was story locked. That wouldn't make sense. 


The Amazing Underwater Residential in FFXIV 4.0


Although this thread is less about speculation, and more about the fact that it would just be cool to have a underwater residential area in the future, it would make a lot of sense why this residential area could not be mentioned if it were in fact under water because it would have hinted towards the fact that we would be getting diving and swimming. 


I kind of want to leave the finer detail to the reader as to how such a residential area might function, but creating it seems pretty simple really. In the video released displaying how swimming and diving worked, at (1:15) you can see an air bubble in one of the frames in which I imagine one will go in to gather like fishing and normal dry land physical orientation will be returned upon entering the bubble. Using that concept, we could literally make a residential area where the housing and its small yard exists within air pockets proportional to its size, and the rest of the area is submerged under water and inhabited by fish like NPCs.


Such a implementation will bring more importance to swimming and diving and have it be something that is an integral part to the gaming experience.


P.S. This is also kind of a non-sequitor but I hope they add a mermaid tail glamour in 4.0 for men and women so that we can swim around with a mermaid like animation. 


I'm still waiting for them to add a flying mount called Fairy dust that allows your character to fly around sort of like superman without a mount, but you still can't fight during the time and the Fairy Dust still functions a lot like a mount where you need to turn it on and off (Get on and Get off).

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