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Still can't preorder Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward(PS4)

Its fixed but I think there is another bug since when I log into my brothers PSN(we shared PS4 for FF14 until he switched to PC) I was able to have the option to purchase it but when I log into mines it doesnt have that option. 


He plays on PC now so am I screwed since I can't purchase the expansion on my PSN? If I purchase it through his account will I be able to play it on mines since accounts on the PS4 are tied to PSN's?


Do you get a code to add the license in the mog station? Because if I purchase it though his PSN I'm afraid it might be tied to his account through that instead of getting a code and he already has his expansion on the PC.


After some trouble shooting I found out that this problem is because my brother activated FF14 on the PS4 through his PSN account first before he moved to PC, so if you still cannot preorder on your PSN think if there was another PSN on the PS4 that could have dowloaded the client first, delete that PSN off your PS4 then log back into your PSN(Final Fantasy XIV will now have a locked icon) Go into the PSN store and download the demo for for FFXIV ARR and it will say "This game is already on your system" which will then activate your PSN license for FF14 on your PSN, after that you should be able to preorder. 


Or maybe just simply going to the PS Store and clicking DL Demo to the get it to recognize the license is enough.

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