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So Thursday's maintenance is supposed to bring crafting/gardening adjustments

I loved crafting and gathering. Being able to craft and gather everything on a single character to craft my own equipment as I leveled up was fantastic. But then people started complaining on the forums about people being able to craft everything and with each update crafting and gathering has been getting worse and worse for players like me that want to be self-sufficient.


The development team has become obsessed with keeping prices on the Market Board high and so players that have a self-sufficient playstyle are constantly being punished with mechanics that are designed solely to limit supply and to drive players away from crafting and gathering. Heavensward has gone over the top to punish players:


- In 2.0 each leather requires 1 hide, in Heavensward they require 3 (pretty much all recipees that require monster drops have these inflated values and are limited to at max 3 drops per mob). This decision is particularly puzzling given how in the 2.0 days the development team went in the opposite direction when they increased the drop rate of common mats.

- In 2.0 weaver threads (mostly) required 2 base materials, in FFXIV Heavensward they require 5.

- In 2.0 each lumber required 3 logs, in FFXIV Heavensward they require 5.

- In 2.0 ingots (with the exception of electrum) required 3 base components, in Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward they require 6 for nuggets and ingots require 1 nugget and 4 components from hidden nodes.


For gathering too many common recipees require items from either hidden nodes or unspoiled nodes. Worse, several items that are needed for a lot of <55 equipment (Holy items) are walled behind a level 60 unspoiled node that requires a high level quest to even access.


And those Holy items that I mentioned? They require 2 Holy waters each to synth that themselves require 2 items from the above-mentions unspoiled node. So each time you need a Holy material you need 4 of those.


This is simply too much.


Then there's the absurd and poor planned requirements for quests and gear:


- The level 53 Goldsmith quest requires a fish that can only be obtained by level 55 Fishers, and Hardsilver that can only be mined by level 56 Miners.

- Level 54 accessories also require Hardsilver.


And what about GC deliveries? I used these before Heavensward to get seals to buy ventures for my retainers. I would turn in all items everyday. How balanced are these going to be at 60 with these inflated item requirements and Specializations? If I want to do turn-ins at 60 they'll now require a lot more of my limited daily time due to the grossly inflated material requirements.


Only my Weaver is 55 at the moment, so I don't have any experience with Specializations, but looking at my abilities menu I already see that we don't get any abilities from 55-60 for non-specialists. Its obvious that level 55-60 recipees are balanced with Specializations in mind. So with their obsession of keeping prices on the MB high, the development team has decided to lock players out of content. This is completely unacceptable.


I'm currently level 54 on my WAR and I haven't played in a week because when I turn on my PS4/PC to play the first thing that comes to mind is the ridiculous grind that I have to endure to craft stuff. Crafting and Gathering was fun in the 2.0 days, it got worse and worse in the 2.0 series of updates to culminate in the crap that it is in 3.0. I work all day and when I get home and log-in FFXIV I want to have fun, instead, I'm logging into a second job.


Sure, I could just buy stuff on the MB. But buying stuff on the MB is NO FUN AT ALL for me and I'm not some gilfarming monkey to be enslaved to the MB. Ultimately, what made me left FFXI mid-WotG was this unending gilfarming grind. Stop forcing this into FFXIV. Buying stuff from the MB is nowhere near as satisfying as farming and crafting my own materials and gear. Self-sufficient playstyles were fun and entirely viable when ARR was released. But now they're stuck behind huge grind walls designed solely to force players towards the MB. Buying stuff on the MB should be optional, not forced down on our throats.


So to the development team: when ARR was released players complained about prices being too low and supply too high, and you responded with mechanics designed to limit supply and, ultimately, to drive players away from gathering and crafting.


You completely disregarded the players that were happy with how things were at release and you've been punishing us with more and more of these mechanics ever since.


Please start taking into consideration players that want to be self-sufficient and that love crafting and gathering. I have absolutely no interest in selling things on the MB, I only want to craft my own gear and furniture. Please allow me to do so without subjecting me to mechanics that are designed solely to keep MB prices high. You already implemented a system where we craft untradable items to get scrips, please further this system to allow players like me to synth their own untradable equipment and furniture with lower requirements. Will this cause prices at the MB to lower? More likely than not. But it will also make crafting and gathering more fun and entice more players to take advantage of these systems. That's more than a fair trade for lower prices.


Hopefully Thursday's patch will bring adjustments to several of these problems, but it's hard to keep my hopes up considering the development's team obsession with high prices.

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