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Shortage of FFXIV tanks a myth

I keep seeing more and more posts about how people hope DRK will help out on dps queues, or on how tanks are abused or made to feel terrible, or how people are actually afraid and anxious when trying to tank. This has made me think, and post in some of those threads, about the state of tanks in this game. My theory is this, and I may well be wrong, but based on people I know and have been in FC with across many servers both NA and JPN, it seems that there is no real shortage of tanks... just a shortage of tanks willing to put up with Duty Finder.


Many, many people I know have at least 1 Final Fantasy XIV tank classes leveled to 50 and at at least i100 with the UAT 110 weapon -- plenty enough for everything save maybe some SCoB or FCoB - definitely enough for experts and everything else. The thing is - -all of these people, myself included, don't set foot in DF and only use our tanks to help our friends and FC or LS mates who may need tanks. Even people who main tank jobs often only do so for their Final Fantasy XIV FC. 


So, for new players and others who worry that there are not enough tanks...I would really encourage you all to find a nice Final Fantasy XIV FC or LS as it seems, at least to me, that is where many of the tanks are who you will never see as they never go into Final Fantasy XIV DF and thus perpetuate the idea that there just aren't enough.


I levelled WAR to 50 and it's geared high enough for most - if not all - of SCOB. I also think playing it is great fun. But I never ever play it except with friends. For all the reasons outlined by the OP. I would rather - *thinks of something so horrible and loathsome, it makes me want to throw up* - eat TWENTY plates of brussel sprouts than do roulettes as a tank. I do run them as a healer, however, and I am also SICK UNTO DEATH of tanks who think a speed-run is mandatory. Even if a) they're not really geared for it b) they can't hold hate on that many mobs c) they can't get out of AOEs for TOFFEE (or cookies) d) they don't seem to realise they can make my job a bit easier by popping a cooldown here and there, and e) the BRD is wearing a lvl 1 ring and only uses Straight Shot and Heavy Shot ( yeah, okay, that last one only happened once).


If a tank asks me if I'm okay with a speedrun, that's an automatic commendation. Not because speedruns are my thing - I'm happy to go slow - but because it demonstrates that there's a player behind all that heavy armour who's actually stopped to think things through.


I know that a lot - if not most - of these Final Fantasy XIV tanks are only attempting to do a speedrun because they think that's what's expected of them. But please don't. Just ask. Please. I'd really much rather deal with smaller groups of mobs and fling out some deeps of my own than give myself RSI spamming Physick because your HP plummets in the direction of zero faster than the speed of light!

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