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Practice Final Fantasy XIV Dungeons

I would like to open the thread with a clap to SE for their expansion. /clap /happy


Now, let's get down to business. Tanking and healing newbies. A lot of people would expect a rush of both the classes, come Heavensward (Dark Knight and Astrologian). They don't only have cool looking weapons but they are also a new experience.

The issue I predict is that some players will have difficulty in their roles. Some will just blindly go to dungeons and spam the first combo or healing spells and not experiment around. Also, some others are new to the roles and cannot take up such a complex class in such a manner (a 50 DPS taking up lvl 1 DRK, and expecting the same simplicity).


Therefore, I would like to suggest a "training dungeon" similar to the one of the GLD class quest where you have to take agro off your ally or he'll die and fail the duty. Similarly, I would also like to suggest a "training grounds" for healers, where he has to heal mutliple targets efficiently and effectively.


These training grounds, or "Practice area", should not give you any rewards or cost anything.


I think this would prove useful for beginners to the roles and veterans alike.


However, the guildhests are queued and have rewards, and you're doing it with other players.


What i was suggesting was sort of an instance you go in alone, with several other NPC's that are your allies. They perform a set of action and players will have objectives similar to a normal dungeon role. These instances will only be a short while and no rewards. The difference between these instances and guildhests are not just queues and in terms of rewards but also in terms of more controlled environment. Players need to perform a set of action (pertaining to their role) effectively and they will succeed it.


While I was thinking on this, I was remembering a Sastasha run where the tank has no idea what to do. Even if he has done a guildhest before (I thought there was a mandatory quest for it?) he still doesn't know what to do and how to do it. Therefore, I thought instead of letting him dive right into a fray and maybe letting other people die (making them angry, mad, frustrated), maybe let him run a "practice instance" first where there are guides on how to do this and that.


Now I know that some people rather just teach people how to do it (like I did to that Tank, from the basic to the advanced), but in my experience, first timers in Sastasha practically don't know what to do except hit the monster with your stick. Class quests are just for one time execution, and guildhests can be repeated again and again but requires other players which can lead to external factors impacting a different situation every time it is done.


I was just suggesting a ffxiv guide of step by step execution of roles in dungeons. Holding hands if you want to call it that. These runs are practically OPTIONAL and the only goal was to teach the players the BASIC jobs of a role.

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