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Only needs the drop rates in the 16 dungeons increased for the FFXIV 3.0 patch

For those of you who have not completed up to the grind to the Zodiac weapon, I suggest you refrain from reading this unless you want to be spoiled to the contents of the quest. So as we know, players who have completed their relic pre-3.0 will receive an advantage on progression in the new expansion. I suspect this means that SE will be providing a seperate means of providing a relic to ffxiv newer players who just can't spend the unfathomable amount of money & time on making a relic from scratch when there will be a very serious scarcity of players doing lv50 dungeons after FFXIV Heavensward comes out. The solution? Simply grant players the ability to complete a quest in order to get base Zodiac weapon (aka Yoichi Bow, Excalibur, etc). There are 3 reasons why this would make sense:


1) There is a definite advantage to players who previously completed the quest since they will not only have a leg up on other players since they are already in the possession of a Zeta relic, but I believe that any player who skips the initial string of quests for the relic weapon will not be able to customize the stats on it. While this customization is a rather minor competitive edge, it still gives that player a weapon that best suits their style of play. 


2) The quest that requires you to create the Zodiac weapon requires 16 dungeons, and each of these dungeons are dungeons needed for the Trials of the Braves upgrade, and some of which are required to complete the main storyline. I suspect that additional items may also be added in to substitute for the lack of a relic, which means they can effectively rope in any other story-required quests they see fit to include. Additionally, the Zeta upgrade doesn't require you to go to any specific dungeon, and simply requires you to present soldiery tomes (a requirement which may be removed in 3.0 since it's already very trivial) and farm light. This means that the quest is quite literally already ready to go, and only needs the drop rates in the 16 dungeons increased for the ffxiv 3.0 patch.


3) The 1.4% chance of losing your relic is in hindsight a very hilarious thing, with a very tense moment for players who don't know it's a farce. The accumulation of time, effort, and money put into one pales in comparison to the player's aversion to RNG related progression. On the flip side though, if this percentage was more fair, and was applied to the shortcut quest, it could make for a fair grind for players who want in on the Relic Race, with an added bonus of keeping players playing older content that is required to progress in the main story line. I'd say that a fair percentage would be 40% with the added drop rates of the Zodiac quest and with it only requiring you to re-complete the Zodiac grind quest.


It will be interesting to see exactly what they do with the Relic quest since it may have been nerfed before, but that doesn't mean that new players will be willing to do a sluggish grind for what will eventually become a truly massive undertaking.

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