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New FFXIV Player with several FAQ

Hello everyone, just started the trial and so far I am finding the game interesting so now I have a few questions that I couldn't answer via a general google search.


Q1. Is there a method to find which US server/data center will be more active at night. Since I work the long night shift I am more likely to be playing at the late hours.


A:Servers actually run on Japan time (as this is a Japanese game) regardless of whether it's a JP or NA data centre, but usually if you join a Free Company (FC) they'll inform you of what times they're more active. Incidentally I live in Australia (which is more or less around the same time zone as Japan) yet I play on a US server (Balmung) and I find it's usually more active around my late morning, early afternoon (which would be early evening to late at night in the US).

Q2. What is the leveling curve like for inexperienced players? Would I expect to be level capped on one class (which I believe to be 50) within say 2-3 months?


A:It all depends on how hard or fast you want to get through levelling. Sidequests and the main story actually reward a fair chunk of exp so that will usually be the main way of levelling your first class/Job (especially as a great deal of content like the Inn, levequests, chocobos/mounts, airship travel, retainers, the Duty Finder etc are unlocked by story progression). Around level 40 you can also unlock the quests you can repeat each day given by the friendly factions of each beastman tribe which also give a lot of exp as well.


Also there is a bonus to exp when switching to a class that is lower level than your first, meaning you'll find once you get your first class/Job to 50 (the current level cap), other classes and Jobs will level much faster just levelling by running dungeons and undertaking levequests/hunting log/challenge log etc.


Q3. Does it work better to lvl cap one adventure class then work on another or simple work on the ones that are interesting at about the same rate. For example get my lancer up to 20 then pick up archer and work him up to 20 before moving back to lancer.


A:It's completely up to you how you want to work through the classes and Jobs - although bare in mind that each Discipline of War and Magic has a 'Job' that upgrades from it which requires a second class to be at least at level 15 and it's primary class at level 30 in order to unlock (and can only use abilities from a third class in addition to the first two classes) so it's wise to switch to another class and level it for at least a while. 


But it's up to you how you actually do this - find what works well for you or what you enjoy - don't feel you have to take something to 50 even if you don't enjoy playing that particular class. 


Q4.Is the crafting system good for self gear upgrades or is most things from main line quest going to be better?


A:Crafted gear is pretty decent, but gear gained from dungeons/raids and quests or exchanged for 'tome' vouchers will usually be better stat wise. Although melding materia can greatly improve crafted gear I think it comes down to more personal preference (I have a mixture of high lvl crafted armour and tome armour myself).


5. There are many different ways to level in this game. Certainly going in a party for FATEs and dungeons is the fastest way to level, but, if you cannot find a party or the Duty Finder can't find members to run a dungeon simply go around and do some FATEs or hunt enemies for your Hunting Log, as it's all extra experience. Levequests are another alternative. Really, the best thing to do in this game is not lock yourself into the habit of relying on only one form of levelling - mix and match!


When I was FFXIV Levelling (all my Disciplines of War and Magic are at 50 ) I would usually run a dungeon, then some FATES, a couple of levequests, in between looking around for enemies on my Hunting Log and, later on, the daily beastmen quests. This not only broke up monotony but also ensured even solo exp was reasonably steady - I found I could usually go up at least two to three levels in maybe two to three hours of play. But again, find what works best for you and what you enjoy, as everyone has a different play style, as this is just my personal way of playing the game. 

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