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My FFXIV Au Ra Twitter Campaign

Hope this is actually somewhere relevant where this thread needs to be since literally every other category didn't fit and community contests have their own thing alongside the Au Ra creation contest not having one in the first place.


Anyways thing is that I technically entered the “My FFXIV Au Ra Twitter Campaign” contest on presented on the lodestone front page eight days ago. I made every sure everything was in order with triple checking the format of the tweet as well as of course making said tweet before the contest deadline.


The tweet did not present itself to the MyFFXIVAu_Ra hashtag in any way by selecting "view all" or even searching my handle or related keywords such as my server Cactuar with the hashtag. My Final Fantasy XIV account was of course made that night so I dont know if its twitter's fault or not.


Eight days later of trying the wrong support for FFXIV SE and finally being told to make a thread here on the official is the way to make sure ANYONE from the community team comes into contact with me here I am.


I must say though that my objective here at base is to hope to get some sort of response clarifying my circumstances from hopefully a person of authority and not necessarily a positive one if need be.


I would rather take a "No you didn't win or make it in stop asking" than to wonder for the rest of my FFXIV life finally paying that 10 dollars for a fantasia in memory of my Au Ra come FFXIV Heavensward then using said bottle for my tears and some time later i'll have my own personal raid food salt shaker.


Everyone who has made it this far into the post is free to inspect the tweet I made for flaws explaining my debacle or as to be curious enough what kind of Au Ra was created for me to care this much.

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