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Is there any way to play the game as FFXIV DPS? Or just end subscription?

Is there any way to play the game as FFXIV DPS? Or just end subscription?

I have been playing since beta. But recently I have been trying to get all jobs to 50 before Heavensward and also get BiS gear for my main job DRG before then, but I am finding it impossible to actually play the game when I get on and get extremely bored because the queues are like 30 minutes long when waiting for low level or guildhest queues. So I decided to forget about it after weeks of this and decided to go back to working on BiS only since endgame queues are faster. But now even the endgame queues are 30 mins, except expert which is like 20. I can't do the weekly CT runs for quest because Labyrinth of the Ancients queue is over 30 minutes, while just last week before the patch it was quick. Just less than a month ago the queues were not that long for endgame queues. So I can't play the game at all, and telling me to play a healer or tank is not a solution. I've never experienced problems like this in any other MMO before in my 14 years with MMOs. The only endgame queue that is decent time is World of Darkness, but I have no idea why everyone is only playing that even with the weekly loot restriction lifted, especially when you can get 1 of 3 FFXIV Items to upgrade gear from the weekly quest, including a new one they just added that was formerly exclusive to final coil. I think SE really needs to make those solo dungeons a higher priority.

Being in an FC doesn't help because everyone is usually busy and doing their own thing. Party finder is a dud. Party finder seems to only be useful now if doing endgame primals or coil. As for low level content, yes I do hunting log and challenge log while waiting on queue, but once all of that is done there's nothing to do while waiting unless you want to play triple triad or leves, and leves also have a limit and I no longer play Triple Triad due to the botched tournaments and even their solution of points to buy platinum card seems to be botched from what I read. FATEs are also not an option when you consider how much SE forces FATEs on people and doing zodiac stuff and other things, the last thing you want to see is another FATE. Also, healers seem to be scarce as even when I'm in queue a long time I will sometimes notice a tank already paired with us and the tank ends up waiting over 10 minutes before they eventually withdrawal, and most of the time it seems to be a healer we are waiting on.


I've come to the realization that the game is just not playable and a waste of time until SE implements the option to solo dungeons they've talked about. So I'm thinking about ending my subscription today before it charges me for another month tomorrow, and come back once the method to solo dungeons is implemented, unless anyone has good solutions. There's no point in playing a game that requires partying for any decent method of gaining experience (pre-50) or tomes (post-50) if no one is playing the content.

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