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In FFXIV you have 13 different combat classes/jobs

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MMOs are in an odd place in the gaming world, in that they want/need to be as new-player friendly as possible but they also have WAY more systems and considerations to juggle then other types of games. In FF14 you have 13 different combat classes/jobs that need to be somehow balanced against each other over 3 roles while still each feeling unique and using somewhat seperate mechanics. Then you have 8 crafting classes that mostly play the same, but you want them to all have worthwhile items they can make over as wide a range of levels as possible. Plus there are 3 gathering classes, with fisher playing nothing like the others but you hope that they all have something to offer too. The world needs to be able to link thousands of players together, while still feeling approachable and intimate enough for small character moments. The story wants to be an epic, but that has to be balanced against the people who dont care about story and only want big scary fights. So i guess im saying, its natural to feel a little overwhelmed. Take it step by step, and in no time all of this is second nature. But thats enough rambling...


You had a few questions.


1. The crown icon people TSL mentions are a good start for in game mentoring. There are good post for most of the classes here on the boards if youre the type who can read abstract text and turn that into in-game ability, but someone who can actually answer your direct questions as youre playing and come up with them is always a big help. This actually leads into my next answer a little.


2. Free Companies are this games version of player guilds. A group of friends getting together to pursue their own goals and ideas. Some FCs are super focused on one aspect(crafting, raiding, helping new players, etc), some are multi-purpose, and some just exist as an ingame chat channel for a group of friends. Joining an FC might be another good way to get some ingame tutelage in whatever you may have questions about. But as every FC is independent it would be hard to tell you how any specific one works.


3. This game is full of fan service moments. From the jobs themselves, to various NPCs you can meet and do quests for, to bits of re-purposed or reimagined music, to the variety of summons and boss battles from past entries that make appearances through the story... theres a lot there. The game also has a history of doing limited time cross-over promotional events(though there is no guarantee that anymore will happen in the future). The real money stuff on the mogstore is mostly(all?) just cosmetic stuff, and totally skipable regardless of how nice it may be.


4. Sounds like a good price to me. Sales do happen with some frequency, but its tough to guess when the next will be. As for buying the expansion, to take advantage of most of the expansion features you need to play through the games story to the point where you get sent to the new lands. For some people thats less then a month of playing, for others it can be much longer. You could choose to put off that purchase until youre closer to needing it to see if another sale happens if you want. Your call. If youre liking the game, eventually you'll probly want to continue with it... so that just makes it a matter of when its right for you.


5. As a lancer/dragoon, your gear would be made mostly by 3 classes. Armorers for the armor, goldsmiths for the jewelry, and most of your lances should be carpenter recipes if im not mistaken. Taking up alchemy or culinarian can also give you limited bonuses in the form of potions and stat-enhancing food. But you did say "In Game economy", so this might not be the answer youre looking for. If you wanted to know about making money, then crafting isnt the answer. Most crafts arent all that profitable until you get into the upper-echelon(especially if you need to buy mats). So if the question was making money, you actually want to look at the gathering classes instead. You can turn mining/botany into a profitable venture MUCH easier then you can for any crafting class. Just look at the items you can gather, look at what sells on the market board, and you can start focusing your energies in that direction. A good low level example is Alumen, gather-able by miners from level 14 or 15 onward. Leatherworkers need alumen from roughly level 15 all the way into the mid-40s to turn skins into workable leather. However, many people are too lazy to get it themselves. So the market for this material is broad, dependable, and long lasting. Of course, if you werent asking about making money then just disregard this whole added part. That can always be the type of thing you consider later on as you shouldnt have a huge need for money while leveling. The story, the quests, and the dungeons youll do along the way should for the most part keep you in acceptable gear.


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