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I would enjoy Final Fantasy XIV

This is a long list: FFXIV is a good game, and I would love it to be #1, these are JUST SUGGESTIONS tossed about.

1 ability to dye all gear and both primary and secondary colors, addition of bright orange,hot pink and ruby red metallic dyes.


2 consider implementation of glamour book (I realize it was stated they couldn't do that atm but it would be a vastly superior design for glamour then we have now, worth the effort and cost to develop imo. it is extremely passé atm.


3. player designed addons (OR se implementaion of many more improvements) for UI specifically!


TY for the recent addition to "save ui sets" btw!! a really nice addition and a good start.


- ie/ ability to break up hotbars into smaller units and place each indvidual button where we want like the bartender addon in wow.

-addons/ability to allow us to choose which buffs and debuffs show up in party UI.

-ability to break up the current pt ui and move each pt member info to where ever we choose. 

-ability to choose what color we want for out of range indicators, or spells that are on cd etc.


- also please fix issue of personal dots not appearing on raid boss HP bar if "maximum display limit" is reached, there should be no maximum at all I think.**

Many jobs rely on dots present and most on different timers, players should be able to see them at all times at a glance!


4. all mounts should eventually fly (even if thats only achieved via a quest to unlock the ability?..that way those that dont enjoy a specific mount to fly wont be forced into owning one that does)


5 improve hasty touch to scale with item level beyond its base % 


6 item to improve materia melding success chance (like desynth has already)


7. Housing 

-instanced, #1 

-rift ui capabilities 

-ability to BUILD anything we can imagine. 

-all furniture rescaleable by a large amount AND dyeable. 

-addition of plain white partitions, pillars so we can dye them to match our color scheme.

-option as well for partitions to mimic current wallpaper choice.

-housing item limit increase is a year overdue imo, a suggestion to double for all sized homes. 

-ability to dye all floors, ceilings and wood baseboards in the " remodel interior" section.

-lighting adjustable/floor

-ability to legally sell homes for original paid purchase price only,make it safe and fair to both buyer and seller.

Eliminating the ability to profit would also improve availability (not sure to what % but I'm certain it would help a bit)

-relinquish payback % should be 100% 


8. quick synth that is quick. I still do appreciate it in its current form, ty for that BUT it would be nice as well for it to be fast, its faster to hit each crafting ability manually then it is to use quick synth. I realize it is the convenience of mass producing and being able to go watch a tv show Oo but I would love to see it not only convenient but actually "quick" just throwing it out there..


9. more ways to obtain grade 5 materia especially for gatherers and crafters, less rng like combat has with their weekly mhachi matter hand in. 


**Please don't include current diadem design as no one does it OR if it has to be there, make an option for a solo diadem entry event, that is achievable by all jobs doh / dol to get spoils for turn ins. I realize that's not what diadem was designed for but in its current state it is vastly unused...allow solo progression and it would pick up I think.**


10. more ways to obtain umbrite (add in a crafted option like the sand has,..possibly to hunt seals vendor or even lore at reduced cost etc.)


11. specialization perks added, not just recipies, but other passive perks that can affect dom dow and dol classes too.


12. weekly events to boost interest in ones fav activity ie/ current mgp is a good one!! 

-maybe weekly dungeon or raid event that offers double chest drops,specific raids/dungeons could be offered to aid in helping new players get older content done? as long as current content isnt ignored in other events too) idk. 

- perhaps even vanity gear or pets that are only available during a specific event and unsellable, much like seasonal events but a lot more frequent)

- there could be a weekly event that doubles hunt rewards, or a week just for pvp rewards anything to look forward to


- gathering event week to VASTLY improve HQ chance ...or boosts amount obtained, increased gp gain?


something that would be repeatable in a realistic time frame.


13 daily login campaign with some cool rewards, even if said rewards are just fun fluff? Could be a way to obtain old event items like the cherry trees? 


I really enjoyed ffxi log-in campaigns, even though they offered more then "fluff" it was extremely handy and fun to have offered. Simple yet enjoyable too.


14. slot machines to GS


15. increase in # of bst tribe quests we can do daily (all should be possible)


16. add all housing item recipies into the 2 "Housing" craft subsections, even specialist ones should appear there, they still need to appear in the specialists masterbook of course but also shown in the housing sections, having them scattered is unorganized.


17. subdivide "meal" at mb into what is primary boost, meals are all over the place with no real way to find a specific stat boost unless you scroll through 2 pages worth Oo.

Not that it is impossible to do, but its just unorganized (minor qol improvement) 


18. "already obtained" notation on pets when scrolling over them at mb


19. removal of forum character limit


20...oops I forgot, ability for brds to spread dots , similar to smn please

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