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How to get into a part of the FFXIV?

I am very okay with this. Good job SE!


Not only do these allow us to get into a part of the game that we may actually want to do, and be current with everyone else, but as a secondary effect, it may put a dent in RMT: "An item that worth roughly 300,000 gil..." I'm gonna interpret that as, "get 300K gil to do with however you want to - like buying gear." Idk how this actually works atm, but that might be a nice little bonus to add into the housing savings: Level a job; buy a house. Nice  Also, anything that SE does to cut down RMT is very cool with me!


As for bad / inexperienced players ... there will always be bads. It doesn't matter if they grinded their way up to 60, or bought a potion, you will still see them in your DF, and they will still make you "Vote to Abandon" faster than you can say, "f--- this." lol


How to get into a part of the FFXIV?


One suggestion though: Consider maybe having one of each type of potion for free as a package deal for a new player in the "Refer a Friend" deal. I don't know how SE can do this with out it being exploited. But I'm sure they can think of something.


Anyways... a tl;dr backstory as to how I like the "jump potion" idea ...


I started back in 2.0 beta, pre-ordered ARR, and even pre-ordered the HW expansion - esp. cos I really wanted to fly (imagine my disappointment when I couldn't, and had to first finish ARR). 


Way back when, at launch, leveling took FOREVER. Let me tell you - it was slow af - esp if you were solo, and triply so if you were not a NEET. It was so bad that I mostly gave up with leveling, and for the most part, lost interest in this game altogether (even though I still kept my sub going - just so I could do stuff here and there). 


Now, we have PotD and the noob-to-30 ring, and mentor bonuses and all that fun stuff. This "jump potion" thing simply looks to be the next logical step to bridging the leveling gap, and enhancing the overall game experience. Especially, since the MSQ gating design is hard-rooted in the game, so I can appreciate that it can be very difficult - if not impossible - to come up with a "free" mechanism to do the same thing - without breaking the game. So, I am glad for the newbies (and even for my low level jobs) that at least there will be something available when 5.0 comes out.


Back, over the summer, it took me like 3 solid months of hard-core gaming (read as "reclusive NEET mode" gaming), to level and finish off ARR from 2.0 right up to HW to 3.4-ish. And this was before PotD came out btw, so leveling was still grindy af.


Although it was rewarding and gratifying to level and experience all the story and content old-skool style, get in a great FC and meet new people, and do the things I thought I would never achieve - while as a solo player... If a jump potion existed back then, I would have jumped on that hard, so I could get the leveling and gearing and other non-essentials out of the way, so I could just enjoy the story, and unlock HW in a timely fashion... and then progress through the end-game proper.


I still struggle with the level grind on my alt jobs, while balancing that with other stuff the FC wants to do -- aaand, while balancing all that with IRL stuff. So, I am looking forward to buying one or two of the Zero-to-Hero potions, so I can try a different job out properly in Trials, to see if it's a better match for my play-style.


Looking more forward to 5.0 now, than I did before I learned about the jump potions 

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