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How to boost Alexander attractiveness?

First of all, this is not a whiny thread, it's just to see how we could make Alexander Raid feel more epic, as right now its just lethargic droids and some dumb goblins who think they can control the world.


Remember what we were used to for the past 2 years : Badass Dreadwyrm who nearly destroy the wolrd.


The point here is to think of what are the flaws in Alexander, which make it less desirable than Coil was.


We can open a discussion with people opinions on what make you feel like Alexander is poorly designed, and to begin with, here are my thoughts about it.


First, lets talk about the music. Coil musics had, to me, an epic feel, some epic music as we can ear in some blockbusters trailers, that is entertaining music, thats the kind of music that drives you through the fight, the kind of music where you could just slay a marmot and feels like you did something amazing.


On the other hand, Alexander musics are just, meh... some randoms words attached together on some metal music, nah i just dont feel it. Give me T13 with A4 music and im pretty sure i'll dislike it. This music in Alexander is not appealing at all, i remember doing T13 and unmute FFXIV each time before raid, now i cant even imagine doing that for A4 because i would rather just listen to some old 2.X music or even listen to something totally different.


Then, there is the scenery of the raid. Even cut in 4 turns, Coil environnement was so impressive; Bahamut Hand for T5, Holocharts for T9, the circle of life representation on T13 floor, even mid-raid bosses had some pretty good looking places (T1, T7, T11).


Here with Alexander, we are locked up in some metalic primal who is in a lethargic state, where every room feels just empty, seems like what all they did was just put 4 walls 1 floor and thats it here is A1, same goes for A2-4. No room feels impressive in this raiding tier, even A4, the least charismatic boss ever in FFXIV don't have an epic room to balance.


Talking about the encounters. First the feeling of discovering a new encounter : 

- T1-T4, "well, good looking boss", T5, "WTF !". 

- T6-8, "well, good looking boss", T9, "WTF !".

- T10-11, "well, good looking boss", T12, "WTF !", T13, "WTF²²²²² !"

For Alexander:

- A1-2, "well some pathetic droids, oh and goblins...".

- A3, "oh something new that's cool"

- A4, "well, going back to random looking droid"


Now lets talk about difficulty.

Normal is here to let casuals enjoy the story. In my opinion the story of Alexander is not worth discovering, whereas Coil was worth discovring.


The diffuculty is on par with CT so their goal for this mode is reached.

With Savage on the other hand, i think that A1S/A2S should have been a bit harder, because it pales in comparaison to A3S/A4S, or they could have made it 6 encounters (with 2 mid-core fights between A2S and A3S).


From my point of view, A3S is the only fight that deserve the Savage title, A1S/A2S are too easy (cleaned in less than a day), and A4S has just bad designed mecanics (im sorry but a fight where the main mecanics can be avoided by "sacrifying" ourselves is just very bad design). So in a way if A1S/12S had been a bit harder, and A4S wasn't a total mecanic mess, it would have been totally perfect in term of savage difficulty.


But at least they succeded in giving us something more consistent than Coil in term of progression duration (T13 was 4 days, A4S was a bit more than a month so overall it seems ok even if they can improve on some points).


Finally, a point that i haven't seen a lot since the begining of ARR, but during last weeks i tried to play again other games just to take a small breath, and i realised a big point in raiding environnement.


Why on earth did they put CT's bosses in an ENTIRE instance and they can't do it with Coil/Alexander. Seriously ? What about putting all bosses in a complete environnement ? They showed us they can make it with CT, why don't they do it with 8man raids ?


It's only my opinion but i think Coil had this flaw (several encounters in several rooms and nothing to connect them with eachothers except a small bland room between each turn) and they are making the mistake again with Alexander. I can't be sure, but i think this last point can be the begining of the revamp of their mindset for creating 8man raids (if they want to start somewhere, better be there)


I know it's a lot of text to read, and my english isn't perfect but i had to say it on the forums maybe a community manager will go over here and pass on the idea to the brainstorming team (yeah, yeah i can forever hope xD).

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