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How do you feel about glamour restrictions in FFXIV?

Sigh I just don't understand the pick and chose logic here, when I came to this game I played other mmos where you could pick one job or class per character if you wanted something different run another character pretty much in all of them. I come to this one and find out how unique it is in regards to letting you play everything on one character I thought surely there must be some grand explanation for how this is possible, hah as I continued to play I realized that there was none. People go on and on about lore and what makes sense and what doesnt make sense to why this or that can happen in a game. 


But seems I'm the only person that is asking the question how in the hec can my whm no karate, or knows how to box nobody wants an explinaton for this nobody cares about this. But yet this is one of the most appealing parts of the game that you can play all on one, but the game gives you no reason other than you are an adventurer or you are the warrior of light so theres your answer.take it or leave it. 


How do you feel about glamour restrictions in FFXIV?


So you are tellin me that Im suppose to worry about a blm wearing an armor chest plate. But Im asked to not wont a connection or some sort of dialogue explaining to me how Im a master of unbelievable magic, and I am a master of the physical combats? To me without any good reason for this then lore can just protain to the story alone and the job quest everything else is free game because the devs didnt care to explain something that so important to their games function. 


So its basically like ive said dont give me a reason to how in the heck I even have the ability to cast magic and then to change into a ninja and no a totally different style of combat and not one npc even acknowledges this in the game, but yet I have to explain why I should be able to wear a specific type of gear Im lost here? You cant ask someone to over look something so major and then ask them to understand why you cant wear a piece of clothing due to lore reasons, if lore is that important then they need to go back explain how we can even do what we do in the first place warrior of light isnt good enough.


oh ok so I guess Gandalf from lord of the rings new how to box as well, like come on if there is no explanation for such a thing then why does there have to be one for using glaming not actually using any gear that you want.


I can use your logic as well Im a whm and a drk so I should be able to have interchangeable gear because they are both in my life right? And surely if I can wield a sword and a magical staff then I know that I could easily know how to pick out my own clothes as well, because thats much more of a novice thing to do than actually knowing several different types of combat Im the warrior of light I wear what I want is the logic right ha.

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