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Here is why I think they went overboard on nerfing Astrologian some issues

Here is my opinion on the matter. I feel as though Devs just went overboard on keeping FFXIV Astrologian's power under control. They did this most likely because having Astrologian being an almighty god healer that can do everything a whm or sch can will mean that everyone will bring double Astrologian...which I think would be false anyway even w.o all the differences, each job still has it's own niche way of healing.


Here is why I think they went overboard on nerfing FFXIV Astrologian/some issues I find could be alleviated and make the job a little more useful.


1. Healing potencys being lower. Yes the base healing potency for their heals are lower, and yes spspd and healing increase from the stances technically works out to be roughly the same. However you know what? who cares, give them a base 400 potency and a 5% speed buff in Diurnal, it will help negate the fact they have next to no throughput cds. I would think that 5% healing increase on top of a base 400 benefic is appropriate, again for the same reason.


2. Cards. From my understanding, they have given card buffs to help negate the fact that they do less healing...which is fine and not fine. To me, Cards are the Astrologian's niche job mechanic just like aetherflow and pet management are the sch's and CD/MP management are the whm's. Dont take away ability to keep up in healing for a job mechanic that gives out personal/raid buffs. fundamentally, Astrologian's are healers not supports, they need to be able to heal first and foremost. I dont think the cards are in a great place right now, I think the effects and durations are fine, but RNG is an issue, If I need a def CD to pop on tank right now and draw an arrow too bad make due with it. Sure I can save a bole in my shuffle but what if i'm saving an ewer to recover after a healing intensive section of a fight? So what I would have like to have seen is take those card skills and make them useable at will, pair them with each other or maybe all together on cds. (I.e use either Ewer or Spire directly and it will set them both on a cooldown, use Bole or Balance and they get sent on CD, same with the remainder, so three sets of cds.) Rid ourselves of Draw, shuffle, and spread and keep royal road and have it work in reverse, Use RR gain RR buff next card you use will gain its effect( RR used -> Ewer used -> Ewer and Spire CD-> Next card used gains an AoE effect.) These paired with Lightspeed(which is in a good place and I love it) I think would make up for not having any real healing CDs(that are useful, lets be honest with ourselves here)(more comparable to PoM and DS from whm).


3. Collective Unconscious. Great skill, great idea, poor implementation. I like the idea of the ast needing to focus and channel the spell, I do not think however they should be locked from doing anything else at the same time. I think it could be improved by just limiting the ast to standing still to channel and be able to cast other abilities while the bubble is running. Makes the ast think about where/when to cast the skill but still allow for casting other heals to top the group off. 


4. Synastry. Dam I love and hate this. Love the healing it adds, healing both tanks is awesome or healing a tank while dealing with a prey(A1S) but I was VERY disappointed when Synastry couldn't be extended by time dilation as there are buffs on the target AND you, you can extend the targets buff but both fall off when the casters drops...Simple fixes here, either remove the synastry buff from the caster and just have one buff on target. or have a more perm. buff that takes 10-20% healing from all heals onto the target. I think the earlier would suffice however. 


5. Celestial opposition. Kind of meh, maybe if we added a heal to it, it may be more useful? 5 seconds to buffs and an aoe stun has its place but I still find it kind of meh. Personally and I think it would be a little more OP than anything, if it added a straight up raid buff to the group instead of the duration increases. I.E ( global mp/tp regen for short duration(10-15seconds?), crit buff, haste buff, damage buff, damage reduction buff, HoT, take your pick, maybe something different depending on stance?)


6. Essential dignity. Good place, dont change.


7. Stances. HoT's/speed in Diurnal is in a good place, IF they make changes elsewhere to help make up for lacking throughput healing. Noct. is well not so good. I would suggest have a stacking damage reduction buff applied on your aspected benefic along with the shield(Buff= damage taken reduced by 2%, stacks 5 times lasts 30 seconds) OR have your heals on target give a stacking buff, on reaching 5 stacks, aspected noctbenefic's shield will double in healed amount(crit adlo)[Is this beter than adlo mechanic as you can time when you create the large shield?]


8. Mp regen. Luminiferious aether basically equals Shroud on whm. I think if the throughput of Astrologian healing was increased some, then MP management would be less of an issue, that and if you do get low, you could have a ewer ready to go(with my proposed card system).


Some may say these changes are OP and people will take Astrologians over the other healers....I dont see that happening. Whms still have that disgustingly good raw healing power, with asylum, assize, cure 3, freecures, PoM, DS. And Scholars still have a more mobile sacred soil, infiniMP, fairy buffs/healing(potential for healing two targets at once), adlo that heals for more then asp.noct.bene.(I think adlo potency is higher?), as well as that on demand healing with lustrate/indom. So no, I still feel with some of the changes I proposed/suggested that Whms and Sch still has a very good place in raid content, this just gives our Astrologian friends MORE of a fighting chance. 


Do I think these will be added? not really mainly because Square Enix I think usually just tweaks jobs with numbers and minor adjustments and not overhauling the jobs mechanics like some of the things I'm suggesting. Just wanted to portray what I think could make this potentially fun and awesome class MORE viable.


Maybe more added in over time as I think of them.

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