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I have posted about this issue before and have provided the relevant links. However, I am also going to give a summary so to that you don’t have to jump around to get the whole story. Keep in mind that all contact with SE about this issue has been initiated by me. I have yet to be contacted about it or even given an any kind of update. So I hope that this time, someone at SE sees this post will actually have the power to get it resolved. 


Also, feel free to like (comment) my post to the Final Fantasy 14 Facebook page. Maybe someone there can help me get this resolved. 



My account was compromised sometime after May 1, 2015. (This hack was done by someone I know. They were able to delete my toon because they had access to my cell phone and computer while I was out of the country (I don’t take my phone with me on international travel because of theft). (When I got back, my computer, phone, Facebook, twitter, Steam, Xbox Live, etc... were all deleted. Luckily they couldn't get access to my desktops backup, so I wasn't complete screwed) After I found out, SE did a system data restore on June 19, 2015, which unfortunately partially restored my character to a point from over year ago even though I have been continually playing FF14. This has caused a host of game breaking issues. One example is when you complete the Bards first job quest you receive a soul gem, when you equip it, you go from being a Archer (a class) to Bard (a job) which any content after level 30 requires. After the restore, my Archer/Bard is still lvl 50, my quest log shows that I have completed all Bard quests and the Bard NPC that gives the soul gem quest doesn’t show it as available. However I no longer have the soul gem because they restored my character to a point before I had received the crystal and since the quest can’t be repeated I have no way of getting another one. (There is also no way to discard one either) This means that I can no longer become a bard or participate in end game content. This is also true for several other jobs like monk, ninja, etc. Because of the hack I also lost my large house, +5 million Gill, All classes/jobs at lvl50, PLD & DRG with ilvl130 gear and zeta weapons. All the other jobs had ilvl gear >120 and their Zodiac weapons were >Animus, all the Disciples of the Land and Hand were fully equipped with the maximum over-melds, max gear and Lucius tools. 


SE support advised me not I play as my toon and to keep my account active so that they could properly restore it. (I was also told that any progress I made would be lost post restore/fix). So despite everything I have gone through below, I have also paid for an expansion and kept my monthly subscription (about $150 total and counting) for a game I can’t play.


Time Line 

May 1st 2015: Last login before I went on vacation


May 1st~14th: Sometime while on vacation my account was hacked 


May 16th: Discovered my toon was deleted


May 16th: I filled out compromised account form


June 1st: I received no response to first compromised account submission so I filled out the form a second time.


June 10th: Called support to find out the status on my recovery. Support informed me that they have no way to see the status of the ticket nor can they contact the restore team in Japan. They then directed me to fill out the form a 3rd time.


June 19th: Received an e-mail that my character was restored and that I am no longer eligible for another restore. I am unable to login because of the servers are down while being upgraded for the expansion.


June 20st: Login to the game to find out that my toon was restored to a point from over a year ago. Based on the gear and items in my possession, I they restored it to May 1, 2014 instead of 2015.


June 20st: Created ticket explaining that the restore was botched and that part of the game is now locked without any way to unlock it. 


June 22nd: Received email stating: "Unfortunately the SQUARE ENIX Support Center cannot assist with this issue via email. In order to further assist you, we will need you to contact us via phone or chat.."


June 22nd: Called phone support, they said they have no access to change anything in game, but that the GM's can fix it and that I should contact them to request a "character restore".


June 23nd. Contacted the GM's; explained my situation and stated that the email/phone support tech directed to contact them and request a "character restore"

June 23nd: I received a template response: "We have reviewed the details you have provided and determined that your concern can best be handled by the support Center team. In order to open a ticket....." Creating a ticked from the link they sent is how I got to this point to begin with. 


June 24th: Created a new ticket explaining my situation again.


June 23rd: Created a post in the Technical Support Forums. Has been moved to resolved issues even though it has NOT been resolved! 



June 27th: Received an e-mail stating “Regarding your request for account support. Please find your answer below. If you discover a bug in the game, please create a thread containing the details of the bug in the 'In-Game Bugs' section in the 'Support' forums of the FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Forums." " I did create this bug report even though this isn't a bug and they don't reply or address individual or address.


June 27th: Called Support: Explained everything that led me to this point (previous tickets, GM's...). I was told that "If your account was restored after it was compromised , then it was restored to the point at which it was last accessed appropriately". (This is definitely not true; I know my account had not been accessed by anyone except me during this time period.) The tech said that they don't have the ability to do anything in-game and that I should try contacting the GM's again and create a bug report.


June 27th: Contacted the GM's a second time. I relayed to them the name of the SE support Tech and his exact instructions for getting my account restored.


June 27th: GM’s template reply: “Users cannot restore deleted characters themselves. If you would like to request a character restoration, please fill out the below form, and we will analyze your situation to determine if support is possible.” The link is to the “Compromised Account: Support Form” 


June 27th: Filled out the Compromised Account Form and submitted it. I have since filled it out 2 more times, once in the middle of July and again last week. I still haven’t received a response to any of them. 


June 28: Filled out another bug request form. http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/t...64#post3082764


August 28: Posted my chat log of SE online support. GM Enkrateia responded in the thread that my issue would be escalated and the thread locked.



Sept 29th: After a month with no contact or update from SE support at all. I contacted them again and was given this response. 


“We understand that your time is valuable and appreciate your efforts to report and explain your concerns. We would like to apologize for the delay and for any inconvenience caused by the Game Data Recovery. Unfortunately, LGM Enktateia, is unavailable at this time but rest assure, the matter is still under review. If you should encounter any other issues, please place another call and we will respond to your report as soon as we are able. We are constantly striving to improve the game and our services to players, and are open to any feedback you might have. To submit feedback, please visit the forums at http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv and make a post with any suggestions you may have for our teams. Although individual responses are not sent, please rest assured that all comments are submitted to the appropriate parties so that they can be read and considered for future updates. Thank you for your patience and best wishes to you. FINAL FANTASY XIV Game Master Team”


November 2nd: Over two months from when Enkrateia escalated my ticked and still haven’t been contacted with an update. When I contacted GM’s saying: 


ME: “It's been two months since Entrateia has escalated my ticket (5 months since my account has was incorrectly restored). I have yet to be contacted in any way. Could you please give me an update on fixing my account? I was given this bizarre response.”


I was given this bizarre response.

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