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Final Fantasy XIV Defense of the concept

I'm curious as to whether there is anyone else like me out there amongst all the servers. In other words, I'm curious as to whether anyone else out there purposefully plays without using a job crystal....


Now, I don't mean people who take off their job crystal just to troll or for brief role playing purposes, or people who simply managed to make it to late game without learning about the existence of job crystals, (yes, I have heard stories of a couple). I mean people who play the game with the same goals as everyone else, but without using a job....


So far, I've been the only person that I've heard of as doing this, but my experience is based with a very limited number of people, on my server and data center alone, so I'm just wondering if I am truly the only player who does so across all the servers....




Before I get people saying that "no, of course not, that's stupid and you can't do it", I will like to point out that while I have yet to attempt Behamut, I do run WoD and other Final Fantasy XIV dungeons on a daily basis, and more often than not get at least one commendation at the end despite my role as a Final Fantasy XIV DPS, (which often don't get a commendation to begin with unless the tanks/healers are terrible). The only reason I haven't attempted Behamut yet is because I'm still trying to get some more gear and upgraded weathered gear from running WoD and ST, as my current iLevel is only 107.... 


I play as an Arcanist using Topaz Carbuncle, (mine whom I've affectionately named Azzolmi, and she has been a great aid at times). I particularly try for more of a "support/Final Fantasy XIV DPS" hybrid role when playing, spending time focusing on healing, buffing, debuffing, and reviving as necessary, with a primary focus on DPS when the others aren't necessary. After passing "mid level" content, (ie: 30-49 level dungeons and trials), I've found that less people are outright rude because of my role, and more are simply curious, or as often as not, choose to turn Azzolmi and myself as something of a mascot for the run. My friends that I play with have come to fully support my play style to the point that they often take more offense to people questioning my methods than I do. In terms of DPS, should I have a situation that requires it, I can focus purely on it and match or even surpass many DF players I have played along side, not necessarily for the entire duration of the fight, but for at least long enough to deal with DPS checks on certain mechanics. In short, with the way I play it, it is in fact possible, and I do make it work. I'm considering writing a guide of sorts to my play style, but I may choose to wait until after Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward to see how it may change things slightly.....




If you have off topic questions or comments, please try to be civil, and remember, "Cuique Suum"....


Is there anyone out there besides me who legitimately plays without a job crystal?


When I'm talking about support, I'm talking about helping out with cross classed skills like Stoneskin and protect, (for people who get revived), mid battle since the actual healers are focused on actually, you know, healing. And as for healing, I'm certainly not trying to work as a full healer during the fights. I mean that I use my heals to back up the healers if the party takes a large hit and they're low on MP, if the tank is taking damage nearly as fast as they can heal, or if they're coming back from a revive and need a few seconds to catch up. It works more as an emergency assisted heal to keep things a bit calmer and less stressful....


As for damage, yes, you are correct in that I do in fact do slightly less damage than I would as a full SMN using skills like fester. I do however have more access to a variety of skills that means I'm not restricted to pure DPS, in part due to having 10 cross class slots as well as having access to skills from more than simply two classes. As I said however, I can in fact reach strong Final Fantasy XIV DPS should I need to or choose to.....


As for my choice of Topaz, that's for two simple reasons. It doesn't die everytime a couple of Final Fantasy XIV AoEs get thrown my way, and it serves as an emergency back up should the tanks prove incompetent, suddenly DC, or get killed for some mysterious reason. If a tank is even halfway competent then they don't have to worry about Topaz stealing aggro. If they're not, then she serves as a buffer between me and everyone else while we're trying to fix the problem. Between stoneskin, Physic, and Sustain, I can keep her alive against most bosses for quite some time if necessary. (A recent run of ST where all the tanks decided the adds were more important than the boss comes to mind).....


Again though, I know most people see this as an "ineffective" way to play, but I make it work. If I didn't, I'd be getting kicked from every dungeon instead of getting commendations. In the end though, I'm just curious as to whether I truly am the only one who's found a way to make it work, or if there's other players out there people have heard of.....


EDIT: I'm by no means suggesting that players should necessarily choose to forgo a job crystal, just that it is in effect possible to do so, and do so effectively, even if it doesn't fit in with the traditional "Three Role System"......

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