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Final Fantasy XIV Contested Dungeons New Challenges

Contested Dungeons have been or seem to be phased out of many MMOs. However they are some of the funnest most challenging content that has ever been created in MMOs. Learning to pull properly, position things and dealing with interesting mechanics of NPCs/Bosses is one of the most fun things I have done in games.


FFXIV Contested Dungeons are also not accessible by the Duty Finder, this means ffxiv players will have to make, and rely on there guilds and friends to do them. This type of content brings the communities together in a way no other content does, of course it also splits it in some ways too.


This new expansion greatly reminds me of the expansion in Everquest 2called KoS: "Kingdom of the Sky" in which you fought and quested on many islands in the sky. This expansion had many raids and fun contested zones to go through, and they all gave rather unique loot too.


So, what makes contested dungeons so special to normal dungeons?


Simply my friend! For one you might want to bring 6-7-8 people for this dungeon, and for two, mobs are not going to be placed the same way, they respawn quickly and spawn in different places. If you wipe, you have to start all over again, or only half way through the dungeon. Also, you must rely on your friends. If someone leaves, you either have to quit or fight all the way back to where you were: Dedication and Tenacity are important traits.


A contested dungeon unlike normal dungeons are never the same. There are many ways in the dungeon to change it, and bosses of course spawn different bosses! The loot is more sparse and there isn't a little counter telling you where you must go. Other players are involved as well, this means you need to be quick to get your nameds, otherwise other players will get them first!


Contested Dungeons can also carry raid bosses! These ffxiv bosses wander around halls and rooms which normal groups have to avoid or fight around! This adds extra fun, because a big boss can come around the corner and wipe your group if you didn't time it right.


Wait, all this extra work! How is that fun?!


Its fun, because your not expecting what happens. The mobs in contested dungeons are like bosses in themselves, but they actually change depending on what happens in the zone. They also wander around so you won't always know where they are. Since the bosses spawn in random locations and have their own mechnaics you might have to change the way you fight them.


Wait, we arn't locked in a room when we fight a boss?


Nope, in a contested dungeon any boss can be fought anywhere. Even dragged to different rooms to provide better advantages to them. This is called tactics, some times its good to fight a boss a different way to achieve a better victory.


So, since its contested... other players can train you and troll you?


Yep! So its best to be polite and don't make enemies. There has always been a code of honor in these types of zones since the olden days. Of course its a completely legit thing to pull groups on you. That just adds to the challenge of the zone, when you go into a contested zone the zone isn't made to cater to you, you need to cater to the zone.


If anyone says something like: "Well, go play a game with contested zones if you love them so much!" Well, what game? They are being phased out of many an MMO. Lol. I love them so much though..


Dynamic Content is content that never gets boring no matter how many times you do it, its never the same.


Contested Content is pretty much PvPvE, its a unique experience that I feel games these days miss out on.

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