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FFXIV The absolutely best Level up a new job way is as follows

The absolutely best Level up a new job way is as follows, and you will level very fast:


Tip #1: Stock up on some really cheap food. Do not worry if the stats of the food benefit your class or not. You only want it for the 3% boost in experience. If you can afford a cheap one that benefits your class, then even better, but it's not a requirement. Always keep a food buff going for anything that gives you experience. Make sure one is up throughout an entire dungeon and while turning in class quests, finishing FATES, turning in leves, doing hunting log, challenge log, etc.


Tip #2: Always fill out the FATE, guildhest, ffxiv dungeon, and leve part of your challenge log, which should not be confused with your hunting log. You can skip the leve part once you're level 15, as 15 and beyond leves are not worth it for a combat class. So as you read the leveling guide below, keep that in mind.


Tip #3: Always do your class/job quest every 5 levels. Do not put it off. It should be your first priority. So let's say you are level 15 and you have a choice between going to do your class quest now, or doing a newly available level 15 guildhest, do the class quest first.


Level 1-10:

-Do your hunting log and levequests. Do a FATE close to your level if one is nearby.


Level 10-15, the slowest part of leveling:

-Do hunting log, levequests, and guildhests. Now you can start doing guildhests. Guildhests give you a first time experience bonus for each class you have not done that guildhest with yet. Do both level 10 guildhests for their first time bonuses. You will do this every 5 levels, as 2 are available every 5 levels with level 40 being the last ones. So for the below steps I won't be mentioning this again. Once you do each once there is no need to do them anymore for that class/job unless you are filling out the guildhest part of the weekly challenge log.


Level 15-30:

-Now you can start doing your low level dungeon roulette for it's one time daily bonus exp. And you need get more ffxiv gil.This will be the first thing you do each day, unless you have a class quest to do, then that takes priority. At level 16 you can queue individual dungeons after you've already used the daily low level roulette. While waiting on the dungeon queue, do your hunting log and FATEs, or anything else you want to do such as filling out challenge log. If hunting log and challenge log are already caught up, then just do FATEs around your level, give or take a level or 2, while waiting on queue. If you're a tank or healer you probably won't have to wait long, especially as a ffxiv tank.


Level 30-50:

-At level 30 you will do your final class quest, then after finishing it, you can do your first job quest. But to be able to do this job quest you need to get a specific secondary class to level 15. You should do that before continuing. And keep what I've already said in mind for leveling 1-15, which is very fast and should not take no more than 2 hours, maybe 3. After you do your job quest and unlock your job, just do what was outlined level 15-30. Daily roullette, then individual ffxiv dungeon queues, while doing FATEs while waiting unless you are not caught up yet with hunting log and challenge log, then do those too. There is something I should point out about quick leveling that I have listed below starting level 44.


Level 44-50:

-At level 44 you will be able to do the Dzemael Darkhold dungeon. At this point you can choose to join or start a Dzemael Darkhold (referred to as DD) first room grind, which is where instead of doing entire ffxiv dungeon, you kill all mobs in first room, then repeat. You rack up a lot of experience at a pretty decent rate. Look it up if you want more info on it. Then at level 47 you will unlock Aurum Vale and can do the first room grind there. Many people will do DD first room to level 50 and ignore AV first room, while others switch to it. If you do start first room grinding at 44, you'll have to find others that want to do it for leveling also, or people that simply don't mind helping. Just start a party finder group for it and mention you are new to it, unless of course you are familiar with it because you did it on your main job.

I hope all of this info helped.

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