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FFXIV currently has one of the best balances out of all of them

Will read through your posts in a sec. In the meantime I'll point out what everyone does to new posters on this forum. You can edit your post to bypass the character limit. Most people will fully type out what they want to say, then copy it and put a placeholder for the actual post, before hitting edit and pasting their full post in the now limitless space available......


Wow. Just so many things wrong with your posts. I guess I’ll start at the beginning…..


- More levels mean more new skills, half of them being irrelevant in 90% of the situations, cluttering the skill bars


Just plain wrong. At end game, most classes are using 99% of their skills within their rotations if the player in question is wanting to perform well. As a MCH, I have the most skills out of any class I’ve seen that I can flat out take off my hotbar, and that’s only three skills. Two of those are movement debuffs that endgame enemies are immune to, and one of which shares a cooldown with a skill that is equal in every way, but has more range and a less disruptive status effect. On top of that, the two movement debuffs, I keep on a secondary hotbar for when I’m either solo or running pre-60 content, as they can be useful against trash mobs. The only other skills I have that I don’t use that often are a magic debuff skill, (which I don’t use as often because most bosses still use physical damage, or I can’t tell what damage they do and go with physical to be safe), and my more powerful AoE, (which I don’t use as often because it has higher TP drain which becomes problematic in the longer run, though I still use it against lower health mobs like the morbol seeds in AV). Aside from those five skills, four of which I may use depending on the situation, I use every single one of my skills in a normal dungeon run, and all but two are a main part of my DPS rotation. If you’re saying that half your skills you never use for anything, then you’re doing something very wrong……


- More levels make previous content less and less relevant


It’s not the levels making the content less relevant, it’s the reward for doing said content. Level 50 runs have always been useless once you have better gear than what drops there, and the only thing keeping it relevant now is the High Level Roulette. As for other runs such as those in the leveling roulette, you could argue that they are now more relevant now, because there are more levels for people to get, and thus more reason to get the exp bonus from the leveling roulette. Arguing that more levels is what’s outdating the content is completely wrong. It’s the progression of gear in general beyond what was available when the content came out. As I said, any pre-CT runs became completely irrelevant to run once you got gear that could get you into Labyrinth of the Ancients, because there was no reason to run anything else aside from tomestones and glamour gear, both of which aren’t affected by the level cap raising. And even if the level cap didn’t raise, new gear would still be introduced as they added new content, meaning that drop wise, everything will be outdated eventually. I’m fully aware that this is vertical gear progression at it’s worse, and that there needs to be changes, but claiming it’s because there was a level cap raise to 60 is pretty wrong. They could have just as easily kept putting out iLevels to where we’re at now without raising the cap…..


- More levels means that players interrested in end level content end up rushing the leveling phase, passing the cutscenes, forcing people to pass cutscenes in story dungeons, ... and thus lowering the interrest in the storyline


The only cutscenes in dungeons were in content that was at level cap for a long time, so your argument there holds no water, as players were rushing through it well before the cap was raised. Players that rush in these dungeons aren’t doing it because they want to hit the level cap or reach end level content, they’re doing it because they’ve played through the missions before, and are likely entering the dungeon for the millionth time through the story roulette. I do think that them rushing and encouraging other players to skip cutscenes is wrong, but SE has admitted that putting cutscenes in dungeons to begin with was a mistake for this very reason, and is why we only have two dungeons that do it at all in the game. Once again, your point has nothing to do with “more levels”…..


- More levels means that lower level experience requirement gets nerfed, it takes less time to do level 1 to 60 than it took to do level 1 to 50 in 2.0, which is kind of a nonsense to me, what is the point of adding more levels if it doesn't extend the play time.


Once again, completely false. Leveling from 50-60 on its own takes about as long as leveling from 1-50 the first time. The only “experience requirement [getting] nerfed” is for players who have already leveled one class to 50, and again when they hit 60 for the first time. This only applies an experience boost to all subsequently leveled classes. This is because having to take the same amount of time to level every single class to 60 as you did the first one, would cause many players to never bother playing all or any of the other classes due to the sheer time and grinding involved, which would be a great shame. It’s also to make up for the fact that you can only do quests once, and thus can only get the bonus experience from them on the first class you do them with, which will likely be your first class you level up……


As for the rest of your post, I have to ask this? How does this solve any of the “level system generated problems” that you listed? Players would still be trying to earn exp as quickly as possible to max out their skills, which is all leveling really does anyhow besides a basic flat boost to your stats. Additionally, having more “options” in which skills to level up would greatly limit what skills a player can use in combat, depending on how many points you can put into them. Then there would of course be a problem where “you must have your points into these skills or you’re playing your class wrong and I’m going to kick you from the party”, which will almost certainly happen. I’m all for player choice, but there’s no way to balance it where there wouldn’t be a “best” option, and having anything less than that would cause a great deal of hate from the players who want quick runs, which is 90% of the DF player base. You’d see people constantly getting kicked from parties because they didn’t have the “ideal” set up. PARTICULARLY if you went from the system we have now to a system such as that. On top of all of that, they’d have to completely rework the entire gameplay system in order to implement what you’re suggesting, and the players who would like such drastic changes are in the vast minority. We got a slight change to how BRD fights and most of the members of an entire class decided to jump ship to play other classes or other games entirely. Imagine what it would be like if you said, “we’re going to let you personalize your skills from here on, but you only have half as many you can realistically use”. That would kill the existing game faster than dropping a moon on it……


Again, I’m a major advocate of player choice in games, and I would like having more options on how to play my class, but the balancing issues are already a mess without trying to add something like that in. Hell, out of all the games I’ve played, FFXIV currently has one of the best balances out of all of them, with all classes being realistically usable in all content, (Alex Savage not counting, since that run itself is what’s not balanced there). You’re trying to change that to give more options, yes, but in doing so you’d be destroying the balance of the game. There is a time and place for player choice, but completely revamping the system to add it would just cause a lot more issues, without solving any existing ones…….


One last thing. You are talking about how "sticking to a classing leveling system for a game like FFXIV will strip the game from it's uniqueness", and yet the first thing you said in your second post was about how XI's system was better so XIV should switch to that or something similar. Since you didn't focus purely on that, I won't claim that you're one of those people who wants to turn XIV into XI-2, but the fact that you opened your "idea's" section with how another game's system was better, and ended with claiming that XIV's current system somehow stops making it as unique as it is, seems to be a bit hypocritical.......

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