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FFXIV ARR - The Definitive State of Paladins

Introduction -


So, with the recent live letter, it appears that while changes to PLD skills are planned for 3.1, it's pretty clear the developers aren't fully aware of the issues.


The point of this thread is to compile all the valid and thoroughly justified concerns about PLD into one thread. These concerns come from this forum, various outside forums, and reddit. A lot of ignorance is spreading around these forums and it's clouding the overall focus of PLD concerns.


This thread is NOT about how the problems can be fixed. That should be up to the developers. As players, our job is to play the game and provide feedback, not tell the developers how to do their job. If you want to make a post about your opinion on how to fix PLD, take that elsewhere.


Before getting into the issues, I think it's more important to establish what the players want from this game and the tank role in general.



Job Design in General - "Bring the player, not the job."


The idea of bringing the players you want to bring and not the jobs that they are on has been a design idea that the developers have tried to uphold. Needless to say, they haven't exactly done a good job. Whether it be in 1.X, 2.X, or 3.X, progression content has never been balanced for all jobs.


For this raid cycle, certain classes have been benched by the content while others are mandatory for progression. You don't have to try very hard to find examples of players who have had to switch jobs or play multiple jobs just to experience the highest level of Savage content. This issue has only been made worse by job-locked esoteric gear.


As it relates to the tank role in specific, due to the strict DPS checks and prevalence of magic damage in Alexander Savage, people are clearly bringing certain tank jobs over others often with no regard for the quality of player.



Tank Design in Specific - "Different but Equal."


So, while people want jobs to be balanced, they don't want them to be the "homogenized."


The problem is a lot of people use the term lightly and incorrectly. Jobs are not homogenized when they all have the same contributed raid DPS, HPS, or survivability. They are homogenized when they achieve those ends through the same means.


Design should be based around an equality of basic functionality achieved through different ways.


Example: Defiance and Shield Oath / Grit provide virtually the same eHP boost to the tank. Equal in basic functionality but different in approach. Defiance gives raw HP and effective healing. Shield Oath / Grit give mitigation.



Tank Design in Specific - "The Definition of a Tank."


So we've established that there needs to be a balance in basic functionality. Next is understanding what that functionality is in relation to tanks in the current end-game meta.


As content is currently designed, tanks have 3 major roles.


They need to be able to hold hate over their OT, DPS, and Healers.

They need to be able to survive through incoming damage.

They need to be able to contribute enough raid DPS to pass DPS checks.


While the first two roles are inarguable, there will be a lot of people who argue against the third. The reality is across various levels of progression, the raid DPS contribution from healers and tanks is necessary for clearing DPS checks. You can disagree or dislike this reality but it is still the reality we have to deal with until the meta changes either through design or through gear.

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