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FFXIV: Realm Transfer Assistance

Ahead of the curve: I don't know if this is the wrong forum for a post like this one. I haven't found evidence for or against it. If this is the wrong forum area, if a moderator would be so kind as to move it or let me know so I can: I'll appreciate it.


In short, I'm looking for a new group of people to play with. I'm going to try to keep this short; I've played a long time; Over the years I've played my friends (usually in large batches) quit or transfer. 


At the end of the Second Coil of Bahamut what remained of my social group left. 

I too, resigned for awhile. I returned, for a month. I left. I then returned again; So on and so forth. I've returned and left several times over the past 2 years.


FFXIV: Realm Transfer Assistance


I have no issues plaguing me on my current server. I'm generally well liked. I have people I have played with on and off over the years who can help me get through the current content if I wanted them to. 


I don't.


I'm sure people might kindly (or let's face it rudely) point out I could make friends on my current realm where I am well liked and obviously established. I could, yes. However it's just grown stale and to date it has failed to keep me playing on my many returns.


My goal is to find a refreshing new place to be, New faces, new people. New adventures and I hope new friends. Preferably someplace community oriented that hasn't fallen into the slump of being so casual they don't acknowledge or attempt to clear content while it's current. 


I may not want to clear content 10 minutes after launch, but I do want to clear it while it's current. I'm not looking to bleeding edge progression raid. I could do that on my own server.


I may be looking for a non existent utopia for all I know. My server has these things, (Because I have a reputation and a long history on my server; New people beware don't think my current server is a utopia I've bored of. 


Like anywhere else if you're new you have to prove your worth carries don't carry the day on Faerie.)


I didn't keep it short after all, but I managed to condense it to some degree.

You can find me on Discord: Corrinne#6596 if you want to chat to see if I'm at all suitable for your social groups if you wish and/or you're protective/selective.

Send me a friend request, if I'm not online.


You can also respond in the thread. I doubt these threads get long, I'll check it later today.


Edit: I last played 240 days ago. I played for 26 days. Prior to this login, I last played Just after the T10 patch. I quit prior to the T10 patch, then returned in January with an attempt to transfer and keep raiding: Or to build a new raid group to replace the one I lost. During this time, my server was heavily under


performing and I was unable to find 7 suitable people past T9. I then left again. (Providing reference to my length of time away)


I returned to play 5 days ago.

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