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Payment Related


Q: How do I set up a subscription to the game?


A: The new one-stop website for adding game codes, promotional codes, and managing your subscription is the Mog Station.


Q: Is there a subscription fee?


A: Yes. At this time there are no plans to make the game F2P or micro transaction based.


There are 2 pricing plans available:


Entry: $12.99usd for 1 char per server, up to 8 total.

Standard: $14.99usd for 8 characters per server, up to 40 total. (Legacy rate $9.99usd)

For more info, including bulk playtime discounts, see "Pricing/Platforms" on the official product page: (North America) (Europe) (Japan)


Q: I bought a digital product (the game, etc) off SE's store (DigitalRiver) but did not receive the registration code?


A: DigitalRiver (what SquareEnix uses for their online store) takes up to 72 hours, wait a bit and keep an eye on your spam box. This does not take away your free 30 days if you ordered the game. You can also try logging into findmyorder.com (DigitalRiver) to retrieve your key, but this only works if they're processed your order (which takes time).


Q: I bought the 1.0 version. Do I have to buy the new one?


A: No. All 1.0 owners are able to download the new game client for free, and get to play free until September 16th. However, you will not have early access unless you are a Legacy player or you buy the new game.


Q: If I buy the PS3 and PC version, do I get 60 days free?


A: Yes. See this chart for more info:


Service Account Registering PS3 edition Registering PC edition

Users who have no service account 30 days trial 30 days trial

User who own a FFXIV PC service account 30 days trial Cannot register

User who own a FFXIV PS3 service account Cannot register 30 days trial

What are the payment methods for a subscription?


Crysta: Crysta is basically Square Enix’s currency you can use to pay for your subscription. Although not officially stated, it will probably be able to be used for other account services such as character transfer to a different world. 100 crysta is the equivalent of $1.00 USD. http://www.square-enix.com/na/account/crysta/


Time Cards: Time Cards, created by Square Enix, are sold at a number of retailers, but are exclusive to the EU and Japan. They add either 30 or 60 days of game time to your account, depending upon which card you purchase. These time cards cannot be redeemed on accounts from other regions.


Credit Card: Pretty much self-explanatory. If you don't have a credit card but can't use any of the other options, you might want to try to use a VISA gift card you can buy from many retailers that comes pre-loaded with a specific amount of money (i.e. 50, 100 dollars, etc.) Some people have said that gift cards work oddly; try paying through crysta and buying crysta with Ultimate Pay.


Combat and Gameplay


Q: What are Levequests?


A: Levequests are an on-demand quest system that's been modified from the original FFXIV. You can talk to Levequest NPCs in each main city or region, and get a special objective to complete. Combat classes get combat missions, crafting classes get missions to make certain items, and gathering classes get levequest-specific item objectives. Each time you accept a quest you'll use one Levequest allowance, whether you successfully complete it or not. You get three allowances every 12 hours, and can have up to 100 saved up.


You unlock the Levequest system through a storyline mission at level 10.


Q: What are FATEs?


A: FATE stands for Full Active Time Event. They're large-scale temporary events where everyone in the area can help to complete the objectives. It's similar to systems in Rift or Guild Wars 2. Objectives range from killing waves of mobs, to collecting items, to killing some of the hardest monsters in the game.


Q: What are Guildhests?


A: Guildhests are short party fights you start seeing at level 10. They play similarly to mini-dungeons. They also introduce people to party play concepts, like dealing with groups of monsters and different boss mechanics. They're great for players new to MMOs, and each provide a large xp and gil bonus for first-time completion.


Q: What is the Duty Finder?


A: The Duty Finder is an matching service for people looking to do group content like dungeons, primal fights, and Guildhests, without forming their own party. You queue as a specific class, and the Duty Finder will find other queued people (even on other servers) to fill out your party. Depending on your role there may be a bit of a wait, especially if you're playing a DPS class. Luckily, you can do other things while you wait, like questing, crafting, or dancing nude in a fountain.


Q: When can I enter a dungeon?


A: The first dungeon, Sastasha, is available at level 15. You must complete a story mission to unlock it the first time. Most other dungeons up until level 50 are gated behind story missions, but a handful are optional and only require you to do a simple quest to unlock them.


Q: Can I play the game solo?


A: Yes and no. You can level to 50 solo, however there are certain points in the storyline missions where you will have to form a party to continue (dungeons and primal fights especially). If you avoid these points, you won't have access to a Grand Company, which means no chocobo either. With the introduction of the Duty Finder, it's quite easy to get a group for them, but strictly speaking it's not solo.


Q: How big are parties?


A: A single party can have up to eight people in it. Group content is made with light parties of 4, full parties of 8, or an alliance of three full parties (24 people) in mind.


Q: Is there PvP?


A: The Wolves' Den is an arena-styled PvP area for 4v4 and 8v8 battles. The entry requirement is level 30. Frontlines is large-scale PvP for three teams of up to 24 players each (24v24v24 or 72 players max) based around either capturing and holding checkpoints (Secure) or team deathmatch (Slaughter) in a single large map. In both cases, PvP is instanced and does not occur in the open world.


Q: Can I repeat quests on a new class?


A: Once you complete a quest (story quest or side quest) it's done for good. That means after you level up a class or two you might find you've run out of quests around a city. There are other ways to level though - FATEs, dungeons, Levequests, Hunting Logs, class missions, and so on. Also, any combat class under your highest level gets a 50% xp bonus. For example, if you have a level 50 Arcanist, and switch to your level 1 Pugilist, you'll get the 50% xp bonus, but if you then switch to Carpenter, you're out of luck.


Q: How do I loot things? How is loot handled in a party?


A: Looting in ARR happens automatically. If you kill a monster and it drops an item, it goes into your inventory with no additional interaction needed. Items dropped in a party (like a dungeon) are awarded to random players.


The exception is when equipment drops in a party. In that case a need/greed/pass system determines who gets the equipment. Anyone that can equip the piece with their current class or job (level doesn't matter) can roll Need if they choose. Everyone (including those that can Need) can roll Greed, or Pass if they choose. The equipment is awarded randomly to someone who chose Need. If no one chose Need, it is awarded randomly to someone who chose Greed. If no one chose Greed, it disappears.


Keep in mind, the system isn't perfect. There is lots of gear that can be equipped by classes that wouldn't find it useful.


Q: When do I get a chocobo?


A: A level 10 storyline mission lets you use chocobo porters (chocobo takes you to other settlements on their own) and chocobo rental (you can ride it anywhere, but it disappears when you dismount). After joining a Grand Company, you can purchase a chocobo license to get your own personal chocobo mount. There are other mounts that can be awarded while playing the game, but they function identically to personal chocobos.


Q: How does ____ class play?


A: /u/ahfuah has made an excellent thread about the classes that were playable in beta phase three here. This post is somewhat outdated as it does not include arcanist, rogue, or account for game mechanics specific to the jobs (e.g. Ninjas and mudras; Warriors and Defiance). It also does not factor in balancing updates implemented to classes since the game's launch.


Q: What happened to Hunts after 2.4?


A: Hunt rewards were adjusted, see the 2.4 patch notes. For more details, see SE's comment on this on the forums.

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