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Dark Knight Buff in 3.4 ffxiv patch

It's not a bad "buff" but it needs a lot of coordination and can even ruin party performance so... mh, I expected something different.

I like the role that Square Enix is trying to give to the Dark Knight, but it is still too imbalanced compared to other tank, basically because the annoyer role is due mostly to his PvP abilities, instead:

• Warrior -> Is DPS masked by tank, and his burst is based on his normal skillset,

• Paladin -> Can stunlock, can heal other, can cover + heavy defensive CDs.


Maybe it's time to rethink about Dark Knight's MP managment most of all, maybe halving Dark Arts MP cost in pvp, enhancing MP regeneration via BloodWeapon or making Blood Price recovering some MP is the party members in 10y around you are taking damage. (Not all of this and they are just random hints)


Also Delirium and Power Slash Rotation potency are all ways too similar, actually they have a total of: Soul Eater 800(with DArts), Delirium 680, Power Slash 670, and the Delirium one even aplly a debuff and restores Mp, the other... manage the enmity ... wow


So giving him another debuff like Slashing debuff attacked to Power Slash could be a viable way (if you want even via Dark arts). To me he can even receive put Mind Down debuff too with DArts using Delirium. (but at this point he will the the tollset boy of the pvp xD)


So he will have finally have a nerf rotation, a build up rotation, and then a damage rotation.


I think that this way, or with similar fixes, it will be a more complete job, not a job that have his potential all locked to 2 PvP abilities (that are still very strong and I like them), but he can use a very wide skillset that maybe won't make him shine for his DPS like Warriors, but will make him versatile.

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