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Awesome changes to PvP roulette in Final Fantasy XIV

I'm assuming the change to Glory Slash is that it won't have the knockback now that the added "Push Back" as a PvP skill, which I can only assume knocks the other person back.


Awesome changes to PvP roulette and the score breakdown at the end.


I didn't see a rank increase from 45, I would expect given the new skills they would give us at least another 5 ranks so we get another point to allocate. I'm thinking maybe they're waiting until they release the new frontlines 4 weeks later, I guess I'll have to just wait until then to start queuing up like crazy.


My guess for the new pvp outfits is these are i110 and that's why they just re-skinned them. I think in 4 weeks we'll see the legit new pvp outfits.


Also I think the change to shield oath is simply that they're making it increase accuracy, not that many people were in shield oath anyway in frontlines...


Looks like they borrowed heavily from the Bard/White Mage sets for Machinist/Astrologean. Happily, I see the Final Fantasy XIV PVP rank requirement on the i100/i110 gear has not been lifted, also they fixed the Frontline Roulette bonus only giving PVE-specific rewards. 


I guess the reworked logos for when each GC wins means that we're probably stuck with the GC restriction even after the upcoming patch that brings new FFXIV PVP modes. I can only hope that in the future they address the inconsistent, unknown queue lengths ('More than 30 minutes' until it starts... could be more than an hour and a half, or could be 4 hours, or could be the match never starts). Long waits to play a match- 30 minutes? 45??? An hour+!?!?!? This is a VIDEO GAME people are playing at home for goodnes sakes and they're waiting in long lines same as if they went to the amusement park. And being locked onto the same pool of teammates and competitors for the long term- what could be worse for PVP honestly? I know a couple of people who had a win rate of around 10-15% last week and I don't know how skilled they are at PVP but regardless it's clear they're being allied exclusively with players less skilled than the competition. 


Thanks for the roulette change, we did need that. But please don't let us down with the patch coming out in a month; I think it would be the ideal occasion for me to officially retire my PVP career if we still have the problems I mentioned above with the next PVP release.


I think that will affect PvE more than PvP when it comes to accuracy. (as far as I know I don't recall there being a strict requirement for casters like there seems to be for tanks/melee/ranged FFXIV DPS) The only real benefit from the new pet changes for PvP IMO is that they'll receive the effects of food.


I also wanted to add something about the slight changes to spell/skill speed, determination, and critical hit rate but I don't know if those will really matter as much in PvP so I will just mention them here. It seems as though they made det and crit a bit more.

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