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All healer's prefer mechanics be dealt in different ways

How do you best utilize RoH debuff?

During progression (ie. haven't cleared the fight yet) Halone should be applied to every boss that has physical attacks by using a Halone -> Goring Blade -> Royal Authority rotation. However, you should always prioritize maximizing Goring Blade up-time after invulnerability transitions. Once you begin to over-gear a fight you can open with a single Halone to grab hate and then ignore that combo completely. It really depends on the fight as bosses like A4S and some robots in A6S use only magical attacks. Then there's bosses like A7S where the Uplander Doom tank buster is extremely easy to plan for and you can simply apply Halone just before or even during the beginning of the mechanic. In short, it really depends how hard you are being hit and how good your healers are.

How do you stance dance on PLD? When is it worth it?

3.2 really changed the amount of time a Paladin stance dances. In 3.0 a Paladin tanked A3S in Sword Oath for 95% of the fight while wearing zero Vitality accessories. However, DPS checks are much easier to hit now while incoming damage to Tanks is much higher. Shield Oath has become much more desirable, especially with the damage increase it received.


Depending on your parties personal preference, Tank swaps in 3.2 can be incredibly short affairs. In A5S, A7S, and A8S (from what I've cleared thus far) a Paladin can hold onto these bosses for 95% of the fight where a Warrior simply Provokes for 5-10 seconds until your stacks wear off. It's not uncommon for a Paladin to be in full-time Shield Oath and the Warrior to be in full-time Deliverance (or vice-versa depending on taste.) In A6S you tend to spend an equal amount of time Tanking so Sword Oath finds a lot more use.


How do you tank in DPS stance as PLD? What kind of rotation do you have to use?

In 'current' dungeons, with an equal ilevel to that of a DPS, you can Tank just about any boss in Sword Oath from the start using your basic Halone (Fight or Flighted) -> Goring -> Royal combo. I say most bosses though as if you have to run around a lot you are going to quickly lose hate. In such fights it doesn't hurt to do your opening in Shield Oath and switch to Sword Oath when you are about to apply Goring Blade. There really is no set rotation, it's really about reacting to the enmity list to see if another Halone is needed to give you breathing room again. Or if you really need to get back into Shield Oath. Some DPS will greatly surprise you.


Raiding really depends on a few things. If you have a Ninja in your party you can get away with a lot more DPS rotations. Then it depends on how healing intensive the beginning of that fight is. A White Mage tossing Medica's can be a very fearsome adversary in Sword Oath. So it depends on your party composition and the amount of healing involved. Eventually you'll pound your face into the fight enough times to figure out the exact number of rotations you can pull off in each stance without losing hate.


What do you have the OT do? Opener?

You should never have any trouble keeping hate from the OT assuming you start the pull in Shield Oath (which you should; DPS burst damage is frightening.) Though make sure you get used to timing your tank swaps so that you always land a Savage Blade combo right after provoking to grab snap hate. (Never use Halone to grab snap hate; it takes too long.) From there you finish with a Halone to make sure he doesn't pull it back off of you. It also helps you (and your Bard) if a Warrior calls out when he's popping Berserk.


How do you get around PLDs high TP costs related to their stuns and ranged attacks? 

3.2 raiding has been a pleasant surprise as there have been no fights where I have completely zero'd out on TP yet. There is a lot of running around in A5S, small breaks between bosses in A6S, and a bit of running around / invulnerability phases where you regain TP in A7S. However, this does directly scale with your skillspeed and with some gear set ups TP can become an issue in A7S; especially if the parties dps is too low to kill True Hearts with a single 6 second stun. If you get under 200 TP ask for Goad, Ballad, or Promotion. Chances are, if you have a Monk, he'll be begging for TP at roughly the same time as you.


If TP regeneration is not available I temporarily start working in a few Stoneskins or Clemencies at the end of a rotation while keeping Goring Blade up full time. If TP becomes a consistent problem you can usually convince a DPS to take over one of the less important stuns, such as A7S Kugerblitz's. A4S however is an absolute nightmare. Our TP only lasts for about 3 minutes with constant aggro and there is almost zero downtime in that fight.

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