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Adding dps as a healer won't be needed

Yoshi-P's actually mentioned something the production team has mentioned about the meta.


Players actually advanced through endgame content like the Bahamut Coil raids much sooner than the developers expected. These raids are limited by Final Fantasy XIV DPS and healing checks, requiring players a minimum of equipment stats to complete. The developers underestimated players as healers and tanks started switching to DPS to meet those DPS checks. The result: at the cutting edge of those who want to be the server firsts in raids, healers and tanks are expected to FFXIV DPS to meet that check.

I recently hit 50 (WHM) and was a bit surprised that healers were expected to DPS. Whilst that is not a problem for me, I don't like it. I rolled healer because I want to heal and would prefer more damage that needs to be healed instead of switching to DPS during the times when healing is not really needed.


If you're playing casually, adding dps as a healer won't be needed. That said, a lot of the new skills being added to healers and dps give them the ability to add more DPS. I think there will be a gradual shift for healers to start juggling Final Fantasy XIV DPS and heal phases. I just can't say to what extent you will be juggling at each level of content.


For WHM in the expansion, the addition of 2 new damage skills, an aoe regen, a lustrate-like heal, and an aoe heal/damage suggests the WHM is expected to be healing and damaging at the same time. On the other hand, it may simply be there to make it more viable in the competitive raiding scene compared to SCH who is more capable of dealing damage and healing with a fairy at the same time.


I can't say what the AST damage is like, but their kit is about buffs and debuffs and 2 skills to manage the RNG of their cards. 


Scholar's getting a few things that make their healing power more compatible with other scholars in Final Fantasy XIV DF. Otherwise, there's the ability to spread buffs around for them and some sort of "magic power" buff/heal from sacrificing their fairy. Overall, it's aimed at improving their healing since their damage ability is already high.

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