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A FFXIV Summoner Guide part5:Quartets of skills

Opener: Check, then what? Quartets of Final Fantasy XIV skills

After the opener, the general gameplay of Summoner will switch to priority based system, with a slight systematic rotation. When it comes to Summoner maximizing, I usually refer to it as swapping quartets of a given 4 skills.


Fester has a cooldown of 10 seconds. This means that you will be using roughly 4 Final Fantasy XIV skills every 10 seconds assuming you aetherflow stacks available.


Examples of Quartet of Final Fantasy XIV skills:


Ruin I -> Ruin I -> Ruin I -> Ruin II -> Fester


Ruin I -> Bio I -> Ruin I -> Ruin II -> Fester


Bio II -> Ruin I -> Miasma -> Bio -> Fester


Miasma -> Ruin I -> Ruin I -> Bio -> Fester


Ruin I -> ShadowFlare (Hardcast)-> Bio I -> Ruin II -> Fester


Essentially, you replace a Ruin I with whatever DoT is falling off. Should you not actually have a Fester at the ready, and you can cast uninterrupted, continue to use Ruin I until DoT reapplication is needed.

Pros: More auto attacks, ability to reposition every 10 seconds using the GCD.

Cons: More MP usage over the course of a fight.


There are many more combos then the ones listed here but essentially one rule of thumb is you want to use an Instant Skill before Fester always. You will also take notice of a rotation of sorts that starts to form as similar DoT timers begin to line up at the same times repeatedly. If you have Aetherflow off cooldown available and you use your last stack on Fester, use Ruin II if you have the MP to spare before using Aetherflow.


**Disclaimer: If you can afford the MP over a fight, you will do more DPS with this rotation. You are not limited to using this over the course of a fights full duration and should in fact explore your MP usage in real time and break out of greater Ruin II usage if you are starting to feel like your getting locked in a chokehold. Feel free to emphasis, coughing sounds on any voip service you have to let everyone know you're trying hard.


Which brings me to my next point of saving MP, while maintaining continual casting.


User Sunako, posted a slightly different alternative to what I would recommend and it deserves merit because it also accomplishes the task of saving more MP over the course of the fight in exchange for more auto attacks and possible loss of a GCD if your casting is interrupted by a mechanic. The rotation located here: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/t...=1#post2916799


With this rotation, you are saving MP by minimalizing Ruin II usage almost entirely by only using Fester when you refresh Bio. Doing so is perfectly optimal in a sense in regards to Aetherflow stack usage as Bio needs to be refreshed every 18 seconds which still falls within the 60 second Aetherflow cd. In very MP intensive fights, this would be the route to go. With the post MP change to Ruin I and Ruin II, this rotation may not be a maximizing one anymore as you have plenty of MP at your disposal. Still keep this in mind as a minor way to adjust your rotation to save MP in great amounts.


Pros: Great way to save MP. 

Cons: Less auto-attacks. Possible cancellation of a GCD if a mechanic forces you to move while you have already begun your cast.

**If you are able to reposition slowly with stutter stepping in between casts you should be able to avoid a cancelled cast due to movement.


AoE Openers: 


Raging Strikes -> Bio II -> Miasma -> Bio -> Miasma II / Contagion (If able, press immediately after Miasma II) -> Bane ->Swiftcast Shadow Flare -> Rouse -> Spur -> Blizzard II -> Enkindle -> Fester

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